Religious buildings are demolished and the property is used for other purposes.

The demolition of sacred architecture is a result of different social transformations and political decisions. If a religious space is not in use anymore, its demolition seems to be the last option to release the premise for new purposes. Reasons for such decision vary: political decison (e.g. DDR that demolished churches to build profane space), new building of a religious building at a different location, bad condition of the building (and renovation or reconstruction would be too expensive), religious building is not needed anymore. Sometimes a religious building is sold with the premise, so that the demolition is not necessarily decided by the congregation / leadership, but it is the new owner's decision. 

Johanneskirche in Langenfeld (2019-04): Demolition of the church. A new communal church center and condominium is in construction on the premise. © Dunja Sharbat Dar